CALL: 011 100 1500

MiNET is a voice wholesaler, therefore we can offer competitive call rates. All our On-Net (calls to users on our voice network) are free, and with over 100 000 subscribers on our voice network clients have allot of potential free destination to phone to.

We offer pre-paid and post-paid accounts as well as a wide range of telephones and telephone systems that can integrate with existing hardware and configurations or work as a stand-alone solution.

By installing a MiNET Voice Solution @ Home you can make free calls to friends, family, your office, suppliers and clients that are using our telephone systems. We are actively promoting our systems in specific regions, areas and communities to integrate as many users as possible.

Our numbers are digital. Digital numbers are not linked to physical networks and can be configured on any SIP enabled device, like PBX's, handsets, ATA's, mobile phones and even computers. All calls on our number range are free to each other and over 6000 pre-defined destinations are discounted, making some international call cheaper than phoning your neighbour.

Typical examples of international discounted destinations are:

  • Canada from 21c per minute incl VAT
  • Spain from 27c per minute incl VAT
  • Australia from 50c per minute incl VAT
  • USA from 23c per minute incl VAT
  • UK from 24c per minute incl VAT



All you need to use our voice @ home is an stable & good internet connection as well as a SIP enabled device. Please contact us to confirm what devices are SIP enabled if you are not sure!

Why MiNET's Voice...

- Exceptional call rates
- No physical lines to steal
- Real-time Network Monitoring
- Product bundling available

Android Phone - New!

This Desktop phone has an embedded android opperating system.

It is so advanced you can check the weather on it



Destination Destination Group Country  Per minute Incl VAT 
082 etc Vodacom Mobile South Africa  R                 0.75
083 etc MTN  South Africa  R                 0.75
084 etc Cell C Mobile South Africa  R                 0.88
081 etc Telkom Mobile South Africa  R                 0.88
01 Telkom  (Geographical Fixed Line) South Africa  R                 0.34
02/3/4/5... Telkom  (Geographical Fixed Line) South Africa  R                 0.44
0800 etc Telkom Toll-Free South Africa  R                 0.16
  Emergency numbers South Africa  R                 0.16
01 Neotel South Africa  R                 0.35
02/3/4/5... Neotel South Africa  R                 0.48
010001 VOX Telecom South Africa  R                 0.35
021001 VOX Telecom South Africa  R                 0.48

To view our comprehensive destination list of over 6 000 destination, click here!

Calls to our number range from Telkom incl VAT:

  • - 58c per minute (Callmore time)
  • - 63c per minute (Normal hours)