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MiNET's converged PBX offers complete communication solutions for businesses that wish to combine the features of sophisticated PBX solutions with the simplicity and affordability of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technologies.
Features & benefits
  • An automated attendant with voice-mail and voice-mail to email notifications.
  • Centralized PABX system for multiple locations
  • Multi-party conferencing facility.
  • Telephone Management System.
  • Supports multiple gateways (Telkom analogue or ISDN)
  • Full Provisioning and Installation.
  • A selection of IP phones, executive/secretary, switchboard phones, cordless phones and conference phones.

Why MiNET's Voice...

- Exceptional call rates
- No physical lines to steal
- Real-time Network Monitoring
- Product bundling available



Destination Destination Group Country  Per minute Incl VAT 
082 etc Vodacom Mobile South Africa  R                 0.75
083 etc MTN  South Africa  R                 0.75
084 etc Cell C Mobile South Africa  R                 0.88
081 etc Telkom Mobile South Africa  R                 0.88
01 Telkom  (Geographical Fixed Line) South Africa  R                 0.34
02/3/4/5... Telkom  (Geographical Fixed Line) South Africa  R                 0.44
0800 etc Telkom Toll-Free South Africa  R                 0.16
  Emergency numbers South Africa  R                 0.16
01 Neotel South Africa  R                 0.35
02/3/4/5... Neotel South Africa  R                 0.48
010001 VOX Telecom South Africa  R                 0.35
021001 VOX Telecom South Africa  R                 0.48

To view our comprehensive destination list of over 6 000 destination, click here!

Calls to our number range from Telkom incl VAT:

  • - 58c per minute (Callmore time)
  • - 63c per minute (Normal hours)