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SCOPE: Provide camera security solution at main gate and control room of a Solar Plant in Northern Cape
The solution included the following:
  • Stand-alone (independent) power supply at gate including solar panel(s) and regulator(s)
  • Wireless link from gate to control room
  • Gate Cameras: Two at gate (a fixed camera to view number plates, and a PTZ to patrol perimeter)
  • Control room camera: One PTZ to patrol the site section.
  • Two way audio from gate to control room
  • Software server with viewing station
  1. The solution was installed as follow:
  • Two solar panels where installed on a custom bracket; mounted on 2 x 3.6m concrete poles
  • An IP55 rated orange outdoor enclosure was installed and houses all the electronics. 
  • Invertor
  • Regulator
  • Fuses, breakers, surge arrestor
  • Batteries
  • Power supplies for IP (internet protocol) equipment
  • A 6M concrete filled galvanised mast was concreted into the ground where the gate bullet camera, gate ptz camera and wireless link were installed on.
  • An IP intercom was installed on the perimeter fence and wired to gate motor and ptz camera.
Control room:   


  • A 6M concrete filled galvanised mast was concreted into the ground where the control room ptz camera and wireless link were installed on.
  • A 12U swing frame wall mount cabinet was installed and wiring from the pole and workstation area was run to the cabinet.
  • The cabinet houses the recording server and viewing station (connected to the viewing screen with HDMI cable) and an 8 port network switch.
  • An usb extension cable was installed in the roof; extending the range of the wireless keyboard and mouse to the viewing station.
  • An IP telephone handset was installed at the viewing station and configured to interact with the gate intercom.
2 The solution was configured as follow:
  • Both PTZ cameras where configured to do scheduled patrolling at predefined patrol positions and record on movement.
  • Shortcuts of some of the predefined positions were overlaid on the live stream of the particular ptz in button format, enabling the operator to rapidly swing the ptz to the position if need be.
  • The gate bullet camera was configured and adjusted to clearly see number plates and to record on motion.
  • The digital trigger connected to the gate ptz was configured to interrupt the patrolling of the gate ptz and swing towards and focus on the gate when the intercom button is pressed. 
  • In addition to this on-input event; when the intercoms button is pressed, the IP intercom dials the handset in the control room and an operator can answer, talk to the visitor at the gate, and press the preconfigured button on the handset to open the gate.
  • The operator can use the “Main Gate” overlay button on Gate PTZ to keep the camera focussed on the gate by periodically pressing the button (the PTZ will resume patrolling after 30 seconds of no input, but by pressing the aforementioned button it will stay focussed on the gate).
An informal introduction and basic operational overview was provided to operators on the following…
  • Intercom – receiving call from gate and how to open the gate
  • Camera system – how to add and remove predefined ptz patrolling positions on software. How to do playback and use playback controls.
An O&M manual was supplied highlighting all technical aspects and datasheets in annexure format.
  • A how to search and export guide (providing more information on playback and export option).
  • Datasheets an all hardware installed.
  • Diagrams (power layout and networks)
  • IP rating charts


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