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MiNET has years of experience in IP Surveillance and offer a comprehensive range of IP Surveillance related products, solutions and services.

Our expertise and networking know how sets us apart from traditional CCTV providers. We have successfully implemented a vast range of solutions to numerous clients including schools, farms, businesses and communities, and offer cloud based recording and storage facilities across our network!

Whether you need a single camera solutions or integrated enterprise surveillance systems connected over multiple network infrastructures – we can do it and have probably done it before!


Scope: Design and impement a wireless network by linking five building on the client's premises to broadcast camera footage, run telephone systems and wireless hotspot access.

Solution: We liased with builders, electricians and the site forman from building phase to incorporate our solution into the building process. All camera and wireless equipment's wires where chased into the walls so that no cabeling is visable. We installed a pbx and recording servers in a wall mount cabinet and provided an online UPS for backup power. The recording system keeps footage for up to 60 days and can be accessed remotely. 


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