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MiNET has years of experience in IP Surveillance and offer a comprehensive range of IP Surveillance related products, solutions and services.

Our expertise and networking know how sets us apart from traditional CCTV providers. We have successfully implemented a vast range of solutions to numerous clients including schools, farms, businesses and communities, and offer cloud based recording and storage facilities across our network!

Whether you need a single camera solutions or integrated enterprise surveillance systems connected over multiple network infrastructures – we can do it and have probably done it before!

Scope: Surveillance with remote management features. To protect shop and manage staff by listening in on conversations between staff and clients from owner’s home and viewing recordings remotely.
Solution: We installed cameras in and around the shop and focussed on the preparation areas and till. The cameras are powered over the data cables and fitted with proximity microphones. A wireless infrastructure network was installed and recording is done off-site at the owner’s house to optimise playback speeds and increase data protection (server cannot be stolen on-site). The owner’s smartphone is configured with the remote viewing and playback software and dynamic dns forwards all surveillance requests to the server from any location world-wide.

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