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Disaster Planning & Management - I should have made back-ups! MiNET understands the importance of making back-ups to prevent data loss and extended downtime. We have designed an imaging solution to remedy your situation when those unforseen events of computers crashing or getting stolen occurs. 

We provide this disaster management service to customers who need peace of mind;
knowing that they can continue where they last were on desktop and laptop computers within a matter of hours...

Disaster Planning...


  • Monthly imaging
  • Bi-weekly imaging
  • Weekly imaging
  • Syncing of documents between imaging cycles
  • Restoration of imaged system state & document states
  • Per device & volume based pricing structures
  • Region specific services.

Disaster Services Enquiry

Success Story - Stolen Laptop

A self-employed agricultural chemical distributor and client of MiNET contacted us and informed us that his home was broken into and that his laptop was stolen from it. All his company documents as well as personal data like photos were on his laptop.
MiNET found the laptop distributor and ordered exactly the same laptop as the one stolen. Unfortunately the supplier did not have stock and had to source one. In the interim the client had to continue with quotations, invoices and stock management. So we accessed his daily synchronised data and copied the required folders to an old laptop he still owned and gave him web access to his email.
Once the new laptop arrived we restored the imaged drive and got his laptop fully operational within two hours!
The client copied the documents he had been working on temporarily back to its location on the new laptop. He could continue as if nothing had happened.

Success Story - Lightning Damage

Lightning plays an enormous role when considering what disaster planning you need to do. Lightning could strike power lines, telecommunication infrastructures and even physical buildings!
A client of ours owns and manages an international game lodge, and keeping in touch with their overseas network of affiliates is a critical component of the business. Downtime due to disaster even though unforeseen, can cause miscommunication, and even loss of income.
Just such an event occurred. One Sunday night; being situated on top of a ridge and prone to lightning strikes; lightning struck the electricity infrastructure of the establishment and spiked through it. The installed office UPS could not carry the load and passed the current through; causing damage to an administrative computer; with all the important files and folders on it.
MiNET responded on Monday morning, assessed the damage and sourced a new computer. The new computer was installed the same day and the imaged system state restored on the new computer. The image was two weeks old, so MiNET accessed the computers daily synchronised locations and copied the latest data across. By Tuesday morning it was business as usual. No need to look for discs with software or downloading previously installed packages. Even the email client started downloading and sending e-mails without having to provide user settings etc.