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MiNET provides connectivity solutions in addition to internet connections, customized to our client needs


  • Strategic Backhaul Solutions are solutions designed to link 'out of reach areas'
  • VPN's are secure point-to-point tunnels that virtually puts your branches on the same network segments.
  • LAN connections are local area networks and can be wireless, ethernet or fiber optics.

VPN's can be set-up to tunnel through our networks as well as any other network nationally. Speeds could be dependent on if we can control all ends of the data network.

256 kpbs R3800 R390
512 kpbs R3800 R550
1 Mbps R3800 R1100
2 Mbps R3800 R1900
4 Mbps R3800 R3600
8 Mbps R3800 R6900
10 Mbps R4900 R8600
15 Mbps R4900 R12400
30 Mbps R9000 R19500
50 Mbps R9000 R39000


*All prices include VAT
*Hardware specific for the VPN solution remains MiNET's property, unless otherwise stated on invoice
*Subject to Terms & Conditions and Our Acceptable Use Policy

VPN - Connect Branches

VPN connections enables you to access resources from other location over the internet securely. We configure and install routers at each site and create virtual tunnels between sites. Access resources like printers, servers and shared application (pastel, etc.)

VPN - Info Request