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INTERNET ACCESS - MiNET is a leader in wireless internet provisioning and have been providing wireless internet services for many years. We service businesses as well as the residential market. Our offerings include basic internet services as well as high end business solutions.

Our core business is connecting people to whomever they need to be connected to. Whatever the need, whatever the challenge, we have the solution for you. 

Covering hundreds of kilometres and constantly growing, our wireless internet is the most competitive option around our coverage areas. We are committed to providing our clients with the best services at rates competing directly with national operators.

INTERNET @ HOME - MiNET understands the needs of our home users one of these being that you and your family requires constant communication with the world at any given time. Another being on demand access to the multitude of informative and educational websites available on the net today. 
While enjoying these benefits there is a world of multimedia and interactive content that you definitely do not want to miss out on such as online news broadcasts, YouTube videos, and much more . 
MiNET has developed Goal Orientated Packages to accommodate these needs, but one thing is for sure “@ MiNET you are never left in the dark”.


*All prices include VAT

*CPE (Device on roof)  & all other hardware items remains MiNET's property until fully paid.

*Subject to Terms & Conditions and Our Acceptable Usage Policy


Why MiNET's Wireless...

- No physical lines to steal
- Real-time Network Monitoring
- Product bundling available
- Single point of contact
- Fast response
- Reliable service with failover
- SLA's available for priority support

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Pricing Breakdown


Capped products in-bundle pricing are as follow:

1GB account @ R160 pm = R110 (link fees) + R50 (1GB of Data)

GB per month in bundle 1 3 5 10 20
Per GB price in bundle R50 R40 R34 R31 R27


Uncapped products pricing example is as follow:

Uncapped/Shaped 1Mbps @ R400 = R110 (link fees) + R290 (Data)

Fair Usage Explained

All uncapped products are subject to a fair usage policy. The fair usage is calculated based on the speed of the line. Once you reach the fair usage limit,  your line speed wil be reduced until additional data is added or the caladar month has reset.

1 Mbps - 40GB   2 Mbps - 60GB   4 Mbps - 80GB   10 Mbps - 120GB

1 Mbps - 80GB   2 Mbps - 100GB   4 Mbps - 120GB   10 Mbps - 160GB

SYMMETRICAL (100GB per Mbps):
1 Mbps - 100GB   2 Mbps - 200GB   4 Mbps - 400GB   10 Mbps - 1000GB

Fair usage speed restrictions:
1 Mbps will be limited to 256 kbps, 2 Mbps to 384 kbps and 4 & 10 Mbps to 512 kbps

Note: Over usage will be calculated at roughly 20% of your allocated GB limit in one calendar month. If you constantly reach the calculated percentage over the FUP, it will be deemed excessive and clause 5 (five) of our acceptable use policy (link in footer) will apply. IF you need clarity on this please contact us for more information, but simply put – if you have 80GB under FUP you should not use more than 96GB total in one calendar month.

Internet Related Products

FAILOVER ROUTERS - MiNET can configure and install failover 3G or ADSL routers for redundancy 

FIREWALLS - Customised firewalls for monitoring and reporting. Includes parental control

ACCESS POINTS & RANGE EXTENDERS - Need to extend your network wirelessly? MiNET can do it for you!

Internet Related Services

HOSTED PBX SOLUTIONS - Let us set-up an off-site pbx in our deatacenter for you. There is no huge hardware expense and all your branches can use it together!

WEBSITE, EMAIL & SERVER HOSTING - MiNET can host all your email, website and server solutions in our datacenter for peace of mind. What is great about this is that you do not need to worry about hardware expenses!

OFF-SITE SURVEILANCE STORAGE - We can store your surveilane footage on our infrastructure and make it accessable to you.

Connection Types Explained

ASYMMETRICAL: Rate limit advertised is your download speed! The upload speed from an asymmetrical product is slower than your upload. Asymmetrical products are similar to ADSL type products that you would get from Telkom on copper.

SYMMETRICAL: The upload and downloads speeds are the same. Typically provided by a fiber backbone to a central point, then to your premises with a carrier grade type of CPE. These products are recommended to be bundled with a priority SLA

CAPPED: You are allocated an amount of Gigs (Gigabytes) per month. Once the quota has been used your connection will disconnect from our network. You will have to contact us and Top-up your Gigs to gain access to the internet again.

UNCAPPED: Your chosen package does not have a data limit like the capped products, but in some instances are subject to a fair usage policy (please refer to the link in our site's footer). You can use the internet without having to top-up!

SHAPED: We prioritise services on our network. Some services like Web browsing (HTTP) & File Transfer Protocol (FTP) are given priority on your connection. I.E. YouTube will be prioritised over Torrent downloads. We also rate limit Torrent downloads on the route you follow to the internet. This means that at any given time downloading Torrents will be slower than your actual internet connection. I.E. Let's say you subscribe to a 1 Mbps shaped product. You can watch YouTube at 128 kbps (1 Mbps converted to Kilobytes), but your Torrent downloads on the same service will only reach the available set limit on your gateway (whatever is available on the link that is not in use by other Torrent down-loaders).

UNSHAPED: We don't prioritise any services on the connection - all ports and protocols are treated the same

SPEED LIMIT: This is your connection speed to our network. 1 Mbps would give you a maximum download speed of 128 kilobytes per second and a 4 Mbps connection 512 kilobytes.